Past Events:

Bethel College - Mishawaka, Indiana

Christ Community Chapel - Hudson, Ohio

Elk River Church of the Nazarene - Charleston, West Virginia

Four Mile Church - Beaver, PA

Hope Community Church - Hudson, Ohio

NEO Church, Independance, Ohio

Northhampton Bible Church - Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

PWOC - Sicily, Italy

Riverwood Community Church - Kent, Ohio

Stow Alliance Church - Stow, Ohio

Stow Presbyterian Church - Stow, Ohio

Victory Life Church - Stow, Ohio







The Great Cover Up

Inspiring Women To Be Real, Relevant and Ready!

Being authentic and vulnerable can be uncomfortable but necessary when craving to be more like Jesus.  God won’t call you to do something that He won't  equip you to do. It is already within you, it just needs to be “uncovered”. An awesome God has an assignment just for YOU but you must be Real, Relevant and Ready!

Embracing Your Second Act

Bowing Down Instead of Bowing Out After 50

The best years are the ones that you have yet to experience! It's important to follow God's leading and make this new season count.  Think of this time as a  "blank canvas” and be ready for a masterpiece to begin. The stage is set, the lights are on! Go and embrace your new role.

Fear, Anxiety and Idols… Oh My!

Overcoming Fear, Worry and Anxiety

Whether you are dealing  with emotional struggles or have someone you love experiencing this fight, we need each other.  Let's kick this trio to the curb and live the "abundant" life God promises.  We can build our “tool kit” and be ready and prepared when our emotions seem to “get the best” of us. Just as a builder has a plan and proper tools, we need to follow suit and be prepared to thrive and not just survive 

Rise Up!

Based on Ezra and Nehemiah

In the Old Testament, God called Ezra and Nehemiah to a large task. Why? He knew that both men were capable and ready for what they were being called to do.   How do we become women that God can use in BIG ways? It begins by looking up to God, then stepping up to the calling and finally rising up and furthering God's kingdom .  Let's Rise Up and say YES to God.

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