by Joy Trachsel


Time To Rebuild

Less than 24 hours into our vacation, we received notice that while we were nestled in a cozy cabin in Gatlinburg, our home in Ohio was a mess.  A toilet malfunctioned and water seeped down two stories causing extreme damage. After processing the shock and helplessness, our first reaction was to cut the trip short and head home.  Deeply disappointed and concerned we didn’t think there was any other way to respond.  God had a different plan. Friends, family and our insurance company stepped up and what seemed dire now seemed hopeful.
We put our trust in others and decided to stay. Pictures were sent and reports were filed but neither could give us a complete analysis of what was waiting for us at home.  I began to visualize the impact and dreaded seeing it in person.  God was so faithful and lifted this burden allowing us to have a phenomenal vacation.
As we left our safe mountain sanctuary, I began to allow fear and anxiety to creep into my mind.  Thirty minutes from home, I began to feel physically nauseous as I prepared myself to walk into a home in chaos.  I began to pray and suddenly felt not just His promised peace, but His sweet words. The following phrase began running through my mind…

It’s good to rebuild…It’s good to rebuild…It’s good to rebuild. It reminded me of what happens when a record is scratched and the same part of the song continues over…and over…and over again.
I knew that God was speaking about more than my home.  As I prayed and had an intimate conversation with my Lord, He revealed that “rebuilding” needed to take place in other areas beyond my physical home.
          I needed to “rebuild” my trust in Him.
          I needed to "rebuild: relationships that were collapsing.
          I needed to “rebuild” my prayer life.

          I needed to rebuild my faith.

He reminded me that when the contractors come into our home, they will have plan.  They won’t just begin sporadically hanging drywall and painting walls…they will have a blueprint, a supply list and helpers.  The same thing that all “rebuilds” need.
As I sit in a home with partial flooring, exposed ceiling beams and a refrigerator that almost sits in my den…I am grateful.  I am grateful for a God that loves me enough to help me through the "rebuilding " moments in  my life.
He's the best Contractor!


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