by Joy Trachsel


Yesterday’s Pain is tomorrow’s Ministry

To accurately share this story, I need to turn back about 10 years.  I remember feeling that my emotions were all over the place. As women, we tend to blame many things on hormones and the dreaded word "menopause."  Doctors have graciously identified three important seasons in a woman's life - "perimenopause", "menopause" and "post menopause". I have labeled them as follows: hot, hotter and hottest.  Not only do we experience internal temperature changes but a roller coaster of emotions come with each season. I truly feel that Cedar Point should call their next ride the "Menocoaster". Only women can ride and pity the fool that tries to cut in line.

I have a vivid memory of sitting around the kitchen table frustrated by a minor incident that caused a voice inside me to say "flee".  I am not sure if this was the Holy Spirit or my worn out guardian angel but the advice was good and timely. I was being told to "leave the room before you say something you can't take back."  I was obedient, sent myself to my room and flopped myself down on my bed in tears. Another thought entered by mind. Again...I am not sure where it came from but this time it was a name. The name of a lovely woman that I knew from church.  It was strange that her name popped into my head, but my inner whisper had been on point so I didn't argue. I picked up the phone and dialed the woman's number. "This is Joy Trachsel from church" I said, "I am not sure why but your name came to mind and I feel like I was supposed to call you."  She asked what was going on and the floodgates opened. I shared about my emotions, anxiety and occasional depression. This one-sided conversation lasted for at least 10 minutes as this godly woman listened. When I finished pouring out my heart and emptying my tears, she said two words that changed everything... "me too".  She said, "I know why God had you call me...I have been there." She shared her story, prayed with me and closed our conversation with some very comforting words..."I will walk this journey with you." Her words were not empty promises, but began a commitment that she has never failed to honor. She shared deep spiritual words and some very practical advice that I followed to a "tee".

I can't express how great it felt to know that I was not alone.  How about you? What are you choosing not to share because you are afraid of what others will say, think or do?

Let me encourage you with a phrase that I share often when I speak:

"Yesterday's pain is tomorrow's ministry"​


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