by Joy Trachsel


#8 - Live a F.A.S.T. Life With Jenn Baxter

Hi!  I’m Jenn and my mission to live a F.a.s.t. life started after my mom (who was also my BFF) passed away in late 2013.  A worrier by trade, she spent the better part of her 73 years holding back in life because of fear.  I knew I didn’t want to end up the same way and I wanted to live life with a little extra oomph just for her.  So I set out to live a life that was fabulous and abundant.

Now, before you start envisioning a movie montage with me covered in shopping bags and hat boxes, that’s not the kind of abundance I’m talking about.  After watching my beloved mother’s body (and life) deteriorate so quickly, as well as dealing with my own confusing health issues for almost four years, I wanted to get back to basics.  What really matters – friends, family, helping others and experiencing life while you can.

So, I emptied my house of toxic products that were slowly making me sick, cleaned up my diet with whole organic foods, downsized my belongings and moved into a purple tiny house on wheels called “Sweet Caroline.”  Now life is less about getting more and all about doing more. 

Everyone else can have the big house with the mortgage, the expensive luxury car or the latest iPhone.  I don’t need them… I’ve got a bucket list to accomplish, a healthy body to enjoy and an amazing life to live.


"So Happy" by Scott Holmes





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