Oprah has Gayle...I have Sandi!

This week I sat down with my good friend Sandi Horvath. We have been friends for 20 years and have spoken almost everyday! On this episode we talk about authentic friendship and how we have both experienced that.

Sandi has also walked a difficult journey difficult journey with one of her children. This unexpected situation drove her to her knees and ignited her prayer life, and I know you'll be encouraged by her words. On a humorous note, we are also going to talk about becoming grandmothers together and how it's the best thing ever.

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#1 - Welcome to Running in Flats!

Why would I start a podcast? That's exactly what I thought. Join me for my very first episode to learn more about where this podcast came from, what the title "Running in Flats" means, and why I'm excited that you'll be joining me for these conversations!

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