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What Would You Do?

Music Credit - Scott Holmes "Be Happy"

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The King Is Always Available

Music Credit - Happy by Scott Holmes

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Time To Rebuild

Less than 24 hours into our vacation, we received notice that while we were nestled in a cozy cabin in Gatlinburg, our home in Ohio was a mess. A toilet malfunctioned and water seeped down two stories causing extreme damage. After processing the shock and helplessness, our first reaction was to cut the trip short and head home. Deeply disappointed and concerned we didn’t think there was...

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This Is Why I Thrift

Jacket, Jeans, Blouse, Purse and boots! All for under $20. This is why I thrift!

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#10 - When Hope Calls Your Name - Interview with Ginger Taddeo

"Hope isn't just a nice word I say to make women feel better. It is God breathing life, it is knowing my pain had a purpose, and it's holy. Friend, that is hope, and I want you to have it." GINGER TADDEO Get to know Ginger better by visiting her website at: Podcast Music - "So Happy" by Scott Holm...

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Yesterday’s Pain is tomorrow’s Ministry

To accurately share this story, I need to turn back about 10 years. I remember feeling that my emotions were all over the place. As women, we tend to blame many things on hormones and the dreaded word "menopause." Doctors have graciously identified three important seasons in a woman's life - "perimenopause", "menopause" and "post menopause". I have ...

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My Happy Ending

When watching a movie or reading a good book, we all want a happy ending. We want to see the guy get his girl, the heroine save the world and the lonely heart find true love. In the midst of a mental breakdown I was desperately praying for a happy ending. I wanted to be "well" again. Notice that I didn't say "happy"? Even in the midst of dark days, I knew that a life...

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Everyone wants to be happy. How often do we begin each day hoping that sadness and problems are on the day’s agenda? We read books, listen to talks and seek other resources looking for the key to happiness...but sometimes the biggest lessons in life come from the most unlikely of places. Working with homeless women and children has brought me many experiences and life lessons. I just n...

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Now Is The Time To Say YES! - Speaker Coaching Program Coming in 2019!

God is so faithful! He demonstrates His faithfulness to me in so many ways. One area that the Lord continues to show me His provision and direction is within my speaking ministry. For almost 15 years, He has filled my calendar and has taken me to places that I could only dream about. I will never forget the day I was invited to speak in Italy to a group of military wives. Days before the in...

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