I truly wish I could be sitting across you with a warm cup of coffee, fuzzy warm socks and wearing my latest find from my favorite thrift store.  As much as I enjoy standing and rallying a group of women to chase Jesus, I crave one on one time with authentic gals.  I try to live my life as an open book and pretty much bared my soul in the one that was published.

I love being stretched out of my comfort zone (like a great pair of spanks) and taking risks for God.  My motto in life and ministry is “Make Big Asks” and watch what happens. His plans are always better.

I am married to the most patient man in the world and loved raising 4 amazing children with him. We now spend our days seeking our traditional weekend adventure and trying to find reasons to spoil the grands.

If you are a woman seeking God, please know that I want to meet you and grab that mug of coffee. If you are a woman that desires to encounter God, I want you to meet Him and would love to make the introduction. Coffee and chocolate are on me.