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About My Book

My life was fine just the way it was.  I lived in the suburbs of Cleveland. I was a stay at home mom to four wonderful children and was married to a wonderful man. I spent my days taking care of my family, driving my minivan to sporting events, endless practices and other commitments.  I served at my church attending numerous Bible studies and women’s events.  If you had a baby, I always baked you a casserole and if you needed someone to sit with you at a doctor’s appointment, I was your pal.  I was your ideal Christian woman.  I was a good person and was the epitome of a “good Christian.”  Remember the sketch that Dana Carvey did on Saturday Night Live called “The Church Lady”.  Well that was me…the good church lady that even lived behind a white picket fence. That was until March of 2010.  That was when my world became unrecognizable.   I will never forget the day my safe little Christian bubble burst.

Joy Trachsel

Sometimes you just have to put it on paper!  The journey, that God took me on 2 1/2 years ago, was too great to keep to myself.  To say that my eyes were opened is an understatement.  I always thought of myself as a "good Christian" but never really realized what it meant to truly follow God's calling and go places that were uncomfortable. The journey wasn't easy and free from struggles.  Each step was necessary for God to do "a work" within me and mold me to be more like him. After realizing that I was "covering up" so much that needed to be uncovered...the book began to unfold.Please read the excerpt below:

The Great Cover Up